Our Aims and Objectives

We have high expectations for all of our children in all areas of school life and are extremely proud of our school’s long standing record of high academic achievement.  Defining our aims and objectives provides focus and helps us achieve our goals.  

Our Aims

  • To provide a school day that excites, challenges and motivates each child
  • To encourage children to become independent learners
  • For all children to reach their full potential academically, socially and physically
  • To ensure children acquire a sense of personal and social responsibility and spiritual and moral awareness
  • To ensure children develop confidence, high self-esteem and tolerance of and respect for other people including those of other cultures and races
  • To develop lively enquiring minds that will enable children to reason, question and participate in discussions
  • To provide our children with an enthusiasm to be life-long learners and confident citizens of the future

Achieved by

  • Having high expectations for all children with regard to all areas of school life including behaviour
  • Providing equal access to the curriculum and equal opportunities regardless of aptitude, ability, gender, or ethnic background
  • Providing a caring and Christian environment in which children feel safe and happy to learn
  • Providing a caring and Christian environment in which children feel able express their faith
  • Providing an excellent education delivered through a broad and balanced curriculum and a wide range of experiences
  • Ensuring that spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is evident throughout the curriculum
  • By celebrating achievements and nurturing the development of the whole child
  • Maintaining close links with our parents, St John’s Church and the local community
  • For staff to act as role models with regard to behaviour, showing respect and relationships
  • Providing a range of teaching strategies to accommodate all learners
  • To organise children’s learning in ways that promote excellence, enjoyment, perseverance, self-discipline and independent learning
  • By having all staff and governors working towards these shared goals

What the parents say

“St John’s is a fantastic village infant school”


We welcome applications from parents from all faiths and those of none


Barford Lane, Churt
Farnham, Surrey, GU10 2JE

01428 713 216