Making the right choice for child's needs can be daunting and we understand how important this decision is. To help, we have put together some questions that the team at St John's are asked about the admissions process:

1. If I think my preferred school will be oversubscribed, is there any point in applying? 

Yes - You should still submit your preferences in your preferred order. The demand for places at particular school changes every year, so your child may still get in.

2. Will attendance at a particular pre-school or nursery guarantee my child a place?

No - Attendance at a particular pre-school or nursery group does not give a child a higher priority for admission to a particular school.

3. Am I guaranteed a place at my local school even if I don't name it as a preference?

No - You must name your local school if you want your child to be considered for a place there. Even if you already have a child at that school, you must still apply for a place.

4. Do I have to be in a particular catchment area or live in Surrey to apply for a place?

No - We have children at St John's who live in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex! We are very lucky to have some amazing schools in this area, it is really about finding a school that suits. It doesn't have to be your nearest! However, you should check the individual admissions criteria for your schools of your.

5. Will I get my first preference if I apply earlier?

No - All applications are treated equally, regardless of when they are received. All that matters is that they are received before the final deadline.

6. Where do our children come from?

Some of our children live in Churt and are able to walk to school, but many of our children come from surrounding locations, such as Headley, Frensham, Farnham, Lower Bourne, Rushmoor, Hindhead and Haslemere.  Children come from a variety of nursery settings and we enjoy visiting these to meet the children in the summer term. At present we are able to allocate places to children from a wider geographical spread due to fluctuations in birth rates.

We welcome you all and are always keen to show you what makes St John's so special.  Do call and make an appointment to look around the school and chat to Mrs Stevens about your child.

7. Where do St John's pupils go on to?

St John's is a named feeder for both Waverley Abbey C of E School and South Farnham School.  In addition, a small number of children may go on to independent schools.  After junior school, our children may then continue their education at Woolmer Hill or Weydon, where we have strong links and a similar ethos.