Going Zero at St John's

We've taken the Let's Go Zero pledge, declaring our aim to better manage our carbon footprint by 2030. We're joining schools across the UK in this national campaign to show our support and to help tackle the climate crisis. 

In the coming pivotal 'climate decade' we will be part of Let's Go Zero's national network of schools, sharing information about how to reach zero carbon and working with local councils and government to make it happen. 

At St John's we'll be committing to cut carbon in a number of key areas. Here are some of the areas we hope to make improvements in this year: 

  • Lighting - introducing more energy efficient LED lighting where we can, sensors and turning off when not in use.
  • Windows - repairing old windows to improve energy loss and help with insulation. 
  • Purchasing - limiting use of single use plastic, thinking about sustainable suppliers.
  • Waste - helping our children understand about food waste and managing all our resources carefully. 

In our regular lessons, at Forest School and through community linked projects and talks we will be teaching children more about: 

  • Growing - so our children understand where food comes from.
  • Respecting nature - showing and sharing with them the species rich environment in which they live.
  • Renewable energy - solar, wind, tidal, hydro and geothermal. 
  • Small steps at home that add up to make a difference to climate change. 

To support our net zero pledge we will be launching a number of activities, ranging from in class learning to community awareness to wider fundraising. If you would like to help in any way, please let the school office know.

By joining the Let's Go Zero campaign and committing to becoming a zero carbon school, we're taking a positive step at a local level to help combat the climate issues we face globally.

We look forward to working with our whole school, local and wider community so that together we can safeguard our school, our community and our planet for future generations. 

Find out more about Let's Go Zero here: https://letsgozero.org/

Find out whats happening in Churt and the wider community here: