All children are expected to wear school uniform. Our school cardigans, jumpers and PE t-shirts are school branded. We also have school branded polo shirts and fleeces but these are optional and a plain white polo shirt or own fleece will also be fine.

All other items are non-branded and can be purchased in various clothing retail outlets. We also have some second hand items available at the school. Please ask the school office for details of second hand uniform sales and if you need items throughout the term. 

All items of clothing that may be taken off by a child while at school should be clearly labelled. We recomend Stikins washable labels. Please click here to order on-line. Using Stikens also helps raise funds for the school. The school fundraising code is 19896. Please use when you place your order.


  • Grey school trousers                                                                                    Summer uniform: Easter to October half term
  • Navy ‘V’ necked sweatshirt with school logo *                                                                   Grey school shorts             
  • White polo shirt *
  • Grey school socks
  • Black or navy school shoes (no open sandals or trainers)


  • "Black Watch" tartan kilt or grey school trousers                                      Summer uniform: Easter to October half term
  • Navy 'V' necked cardigan with school logo*                                       Navy checked summer dress, navy or white school socks
  • White polo shirt*
  • Navy tights/school socks
  • Black or navy school shoes (no open sandals or trainers)


All children need a suitable warm and waterproof coat in school everyday.

PE Kit

Indoors: White T-shirt with school logo* and navy shorts

Outdoors: White T-shirt with school logo*,  navy joggers and a navy fleece with school logo*


Forest school

Navy joggers, navy fleece*, waterproof trousers and coat

Wellies or walking boots

*available to purchase from the school office